- 01/09/21 -

I dreamt that I was part of some class were the teacher would teach us how to build locomotives and airplanes, I built a gorgeous little steam locomotive with a very nice-looking gray paint. One day he took the class on a trip in small commercial airplane and somehow played a realistic simulation of an airplane crash which made everyone scared, I guess dreams are just weird & ridiculous like that. I also had a dream where a friend was comforting me for some reason I can't remember, the words were so kind I wanted to tear up, such an angel.

- 31/08/21 -

I dreamt that I tried to commit suicide by injecting some chemical in my arm, apparently other people were doing it too. The chemical had a funny name that I can't remember, when you injected it you suddenly became sleepy & you would die in your sleep. For some reason it didn't work on me, I was very tired laying on the floor but I couldn't sleep, out of boredom I grabbed my phone & inexplicably everyone really liked me, like all the people I know decided to talk about how cool I am & flatter me to others, seeing that made me feel very guilty for trying to kill myself. Perhaps I should appreciate my friends better.